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Upcoming WE:binar presenting pandemic perspectives and post-Covid world-of-work across EMEA/APAC

During our previous WE Hub Leader meeting, we realized how much great experience and valuable perspectives there are in every country regarding the pandemic and new normal. We can inspire and learn so much from each other, and now we want to share this with you.

Welcome to join our WE Hub EMEA/APAC webinar where our leaders will share a workplace update from their respective countries with a focus on the pandemic and new normal.
• How have we worked with crisis management during the pandemic in different countries?
• What is the current status in our countries?
• And, how do we think that the post-COVID world-of-work will look like in our countries?

In this energizing webinar moderated by Kati Barklund, Global WE Hub Lead, and Martin Ruppe, EMEA/APAC WE Hub Lead, our WE Hub leaders from different hubs in EMEA/APAC will share an update from their respective countries.